• Peter is a Swedish Citizen, resident in Southern Sweden and Stockholm.

  • Peter  is a serial entrepreneur with a background in  brand development and marketing/sales and a pioneer in the Pay-TV and Telecom industries for the past 25 years. He holds a degree from the Stockholm School of Economics.

  • Through his own investment company,Parsifal International, PE holds significant stakes in Parsifal Entertainment Group, HBO Nordic, Forestlight, Spirits of Gold, Urho TV  and  a number of other smaller investments.

  • Peter is the Chairman of HBO Nordic, UrhoTV, Spirits of Gold and a non-executive director in AINMT Holdings, Transmedia, Forestlight and acts as strategic advisor to a number of media and telecom companies.

  • During 2003-2012 Peter worked with Baker Capital  and their investments in Canal Plus Nordic, Interxion, Wine.Com, Adaptix and PlusTV with significant returns to the fund.

  • During 1998-2004 Peter was an executive director at Novestra Investment AB (publ) in Stockholm and during this time was the founding investor and co-founder of Bredbandsbolaget (B2 Bredband) that was sold to Telenor in 2005.

  • During 1997-2000 Peter was an executive director with Media Partners International (today Infront), based in London and Milano.

  • Between 1988-1997 Peter worked at various positions at Filmnet and Nethold Naspers/Richemont, including Managing Director for Benelux and Director of Strategy for the Group.

  • During the initial period of his career Peter was responsible for the development and then launch of ABSOLUT VODKA based in Stockholm and New York. He then worked with the Tetra Pak Group on a number of start-up projects, based in London.
Peter Ekelund