• Sami Ayoub (°1962) currently acts as a consultant and advises companies in the retail & communication sectors.

  • He acted as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of TUNISIE TELECOM from 2008 to 2010, Tunisia's incumbent operator providing its customers (private & professionals) with a comprehensive range of offers and solutions in fixed & mobile networks. With more than 8.500 employees, TUNISIE TELECOM served 4.5 million customers in Mobile, 1.1 million in fixed & 0.4 million in ADSL through 84 directly owned shops and indirect dealers (total POS exceed 10.000).

  • He implemented a segmented approach and delivered a challenger approach within the incumbent operations. He launched a youth brand "ELISSA" with a specific tariff plan, a fresh brand (with specific brand guidelines) and a new dedicated distribution channel (kiosques, itinerant & supermarkets).

  • Prior to joining TUNISIE TELECOM, Sami was the Chief Operating Officer of BASE (KPN group) from 2005 to 2007. He was responsible for all commercial activities including Direct & Indirect Sales, Marketing & Communication, Products & Services, Segments, Project Management, Retention and Customer Operations. KPN is an incumbent in the Netherlands (fixed & mobile) and a challenger in Germany & Belgium. BASE uses multiple brands, differentiated communication and distribution channels to address customer segments allowing them to choose the offers that are most relevant to them.

  • Earlier, Sami established GUGA in 2001. GUGA offers a unique infrastructure of 1000m2 integrating restaurant & conference rooms. As the same time he worked as an executive consultant for a chain of more than 100 stores in Belgium & Luxemburg.

  • In 1990, he was the co-founder of EXELL, and grew the company -in 10 years- to Belgium's leading retailer of IT products, with 34 stores and more than 200 employees. He held the position of CFO and CEO for 4 and 7 years respectively. Ernst & Young twice nominated EXELL "Company of the Year", whereas Sami appeared twice in the "European 500 Entrepreneurs".

  • From 1985 to 1989, he acquired a strong financial background while working for BNP PARIBAS & SOCGEN in Doha & Brussels.

  • From 1984 to 1985, he worked in Riyadh as a market analyst.

  • Sami has a degree in Economical Sciences from the Universite Catholique de Louvain (1984) Belgium.With a Lebanese father & Belgian Mother, Sami fluently communicates in French, English and Arabic.
Sami Ayoub