• Stan Miller has over 30 years of experience in the start-up, turnaround and running of companies in both the telecommunication and (pay) TV industries.
  • He is currently an investor, member of the board of MTS Russia, Chairman of AINMT AB (Ice Net) (resigned since October 2018), Member of the board of MTN (largest telecommunication company in Africa and the Middle East), MD Leaderman NV and senior advisor to leading consultancy companies in the world.
  • From June 2006 till February 2010, Stan was a member of the board of Royal KPN and CEO of the Mobile International Business. He was also responsible for M&A.
  • Since 2005 Stan served as CEO for the Mobile International Division of Royal KPN  and was responsible for its mobile activities in Germany, Belgium and abroad. He also served as Chairman of E-Plus and BASE where he introduced a “Challenger” strategy – changed the business model, creating significant value (+Euro 7 Billion - 12 Billion)  for KPN and its’ shareholders.
  • Since 2001 Stan served as Chief Executive Officer of BASE N.V. in Belgium, a company that he successfully launched as  KPN-Orange in 1998.
  • From 2000 to 2001, as Chief Executive Officer of KPN Mobile The Netherlands, Stan implemented a strategy to take the business from “Volume to Value” creating significant value for KPN Mobile, where he was also a member of the board as well as CEO of its international businesses since 1999.
  • Prior to joining KPN, he held leading positions in the pan-European Pay TV operator Nethold, his last assignment being as Chief Executive Officer of its operations in Italy, where the first European digital satellite offering was launched at Telepiu.
  • He held several senior management positions at M-Net / MIH (pay) television in South Africa being one of the founding executives.
Stan Miller